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Three Greenbriar undergraduate research fellows selected for summer 2024

June 2024   Ali Lee (WCAS), Richard "Buck" Henry (MEAS), and Tim Chen (WCAS).

NUTC celebrates 2024 graduates receiving transportation and logistics minor

June 2024   Jacob Atkins, Lucy Han, Garrett Lee, Marcos Rios, and Max Shapiro

Why People are a Key to a Transport Conglomerate

May 2024   J.B. Hunt president and incoming CEO Shelley Simpson spoke at the NUTC’s Patterson Lecture

from Northwestern Engineering

Advancing Quantum Leadership and Community

April 2024   Northwestern hosted a QED-C plenary meeting for academic, corporate, and government stakeholders.

from Northwestern Engineering

Prof. Ian Savage Recently Chaired an Expert Committee for TRB Special Report

March 2024   Transportation Center and Economics faculty member Ian Savage recently chaired an expert committee to assess regulatory standards and criteria for deciding whether automatic or remote-control shutoff valves should be installed on existing hazardous liquid and gas transmission pipelines.

NUTC Welcomes Four Business Advisory Council Members

March 2024   The Northwestern University Transportation Center (NUTC) is pleased to welcome four new members to its Business Advisory Council (BAC) this winter.

NUTC Awarded $2.2 million INTERMODAL Grant

March 2024   The Northwestern University Transportation Center (NUTC) was competitively selected for a $2.2 million INTERMODAL grant by the Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) of the U.S. Department of Energy.

from McCormick

Deep Thinking about Transportation Systems

February 2024   Amanda Stathopoulos studies how humans’ transportation behaviors influence decision-making and innovation

from McCormick

Greenbriar Undergraduate Research Fellowship: Summer 2024

February 2024   NUTC's annual Greenbriar Equity Group Undergraduate Transportation Research Fellowship call for applications.

December 2023: Compass News

January 2024   December 2023: Compass Newsletter

Are Consumers Ready for Robots at Their Doorstep?

January 2024   Study found consumers are more prepared for automated vehicle delivery than drones or robots.

from Northwestern Engineering

NU at TRB 2024

December 2023   The TRB 103rd Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, DC from January 7 to January 11, 2024. 

Honoring the Career of Professor Emeritus Joseph Schofer

December 2023   NUTC held a transportation symposium and banquet on November 17 & 18 to honor Professor Emeritus Joseph Schofer’s career.

NUTC Welcomes Four New Business Advisory Council Members

December 2023   NUTC welcomes four new members to its Business Advisory Council (BAC).

The Bond Between Engineering, Infrastructure, and Economics

November 2023   Patrick T. Harker spoke at the Leon N. Moses Distinguished Lecture in Transportation

from Northwestern Engineering

Compelling Collections: The Transportation Library at Northwestern University

August 2023   Fine Books&Collections magazine interviewed Rachel Cole, Curator and Head of the Northwestern Transportation Library. Read the interview.

from Fine Books Magazine

Compass News: July 2023

July 2023   Compass News: July 2023

How AI and Data Keep Changing the Transportation Industry

May 2023   Echo CEO Doug Waggoner spoke at the 41st Annual William A. Patterson Transportation Lecture

from Northwestern Engineering

Compass News: December 2022

December 2022   The latest NUTC awards, events, research & info updates...

NU at TRB 2023

December 2022   View Northwestern presentations and participants scheduled for the TRB Annual Meeting

Addressing the Future of Transportation Sectors

November 2022   The NUTC hosted events discussing rail freight and supply chain visibility.

from Northwestern Engineering

Faculty Spotlight: Amanda Irini Blomberg Stathopoulos

October 2022   1. Where were you born, and where did you study? I grew up on a small island outside Stockholm in Sweden. It is one of Europe's most orderly and socially progressive societies, and people are quite reserved and humble.

from Northwestern Engineering

Karen Smilowitz Named 2022 INFORMS Fellow

October 2022   Smilowitz was recognized for outstanding research and significant contributions to social good

from Northwestern Engineering

Compass News: June 2022

June 2022   The latest NUTC awards, events, research & info updates...

from Compass News

NUTC Welcomes Six New Business Advisory Council Member Companies

June 2022   The Northwestern University Transportation Center (NUTC) is pleased to welcome seven new members to its Business Advisory Council (BAC).

NU Declassified: The road to success: NU’s transportation and logistics minor

May 2022   Offered by the Northwestern University Transportation Center on the corner of Foster Street and Sheridan Road, the transportation and logistics minor is a small, but hidden gem at Northwestern.

Delta Air Lines CEO Discusses Pandemic Travel Lessons During Patterson Lecture

May 2022   Edward Bastian spoke as part of the Northwestern University Transportation Center’s Patterson Lecture on May 4

from Northwestern Engineering

Compass News: March 2022

March 2022   The latest NUTC awards, events, research & info updates...

from Compass News

Northwestern transportation faculty and students attend TRB 2022

February 2022   Northwestern faculty, over 25 Northwestern students, and NUTC staff attended The Transportation Research Board’s 101st Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. in January.

Is COVID-19 on airplane air filters?

January 2022   Researchers don’t know, but they are looking

from Northwestern Now

A Leading Voice in Pandemic-driven Problem Solving

January 2022   World-renowned transportation and logistics expert Hani Mahmassani employs well-honed communications skills to improve public understanding of complex issues.

from Northwestern Engineering

Navigating the Future of Advanced Air Mobility

January 2022   A seminar hosted by the NUTC provided insight into air mobility vehicles, systems, and operating models.

from Northwestern Engineering

Compass News: December 2021

December 2021   The latest NUTC awards, events, research & info updates...

from Compass News

NU at TRB 2022

December 2021   View Northwestern presentations and participants scheduled for the TRB Annual Meeting

TGS Spotlight - Divyakant Tahlyan

December 2021   Divyakant Tahlyan, PhD Candidate in Transportation Systems Analysis & Planning, is featured in The Graduate School’s TGS Spotlight.

Ann Drake Stresses Pandemic Lessons During Patterson Lecture

November 2021   Ann Drake, president and founder of Lincoln Road Enterprises, delivered the 39th William A. Patterson Transportation Lecture on November 17.

from Northwestern Engineering

Supply Chain Lessons from Pandemic are Focus of Patterson Transportation Lecture

November 2021   Ann M. Drake will discuss “Beyond Transportation Excellence: Lessons from the Pandemic” at the 39th Annual William A. Patterson Distinguished Transportation Lecture on Wednesday, Nov. 17, at Northwestern University.

NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani Awarded Roy W. Crum Award

October 2021   NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani awarded the Transportation Research Board’s 2021 Roy W. Crum Award for outstanding achievement in transportation research.

2nd annual Coyote Logistics Digital Summit

September 2021   NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani speaking at Coyote Logistics' virtual event of 14 webinars, also featuring industry leaders from UPS, CSCMP, Coca-Cola, Upwork, Coyote and more. The Summit starts on on September 29th.

U.S. freight railroads bolstered supply chain resilience during pandemic

July 2021   The results show how the U.S. freight rail industry was an essential component of pandemic resilience, demonstrating a high level of adaptability to meet consumer and business demands.

NUTC Vaccine Logistics Dashboard

June 2021   Dashboard showing vaccine doses delivered and administered and vaccine utilization.


Workshop: "Transportation Electrification at Scale"

June 2021   Please join NUTC and CCITT on June 16th!

from Planit Purple

Compass News: May 2021

May 2021   The latest NUTC awards, events, research & info updates...

from Compass News


Rideshare Driver Demand

May 2021   ‘We Want To Go Out’: Chicago Rideshare Drivers Are In Demand As Customers Pay More For Dwindling Supply

from CBS 2 Chicago

IL Vaccine Disparity

April 2021   Vaccine hesitancy fueling supply imbalance: For weeks, doses went to parts of state where sign-up was lagging

from Chicago Tribune

No Known Cases

April 2021   ...of serious side effects from J&J in Illinois or suburbs

from Daily Herald

In Memoriam: Martin Wachs

April 2021   Remembering the UCLA Professor, Northwestern alum and transportation expert.

4004 New Cases

April 2021   "I don't know if we've fully gotten through the logjam," said Hani S. Mahmassani, NUTC Director.

from Daily Herald


150k More Appointments

April 2021   "Unless we expand that number significantly, we're going to have a period of frustration..."

from ABC 7 Chicago

2021 Infrastructure Grade

April 2021   Check out The Infrastructure Show's latest episode from Professor Schofer

from The Infrastructure Show


Dissertation Year Fellowships 2021-22

March 2021   NUTC awards for PhD Candidates in final year studying transportation or logistics.

IL COVID Questions Answered

March 2021   Professor Mahmassani discusses vaccine distribution, ensuring patients receive 2nd dose...

from Chicago Tribune

Rail Crossing Casualties

March 2021   “I think pedestrians at crossings are a big deal,” said Ian Savage, a rail safety expert at Northwestern University.

from Governing

Power of mRNA

March 2021   Mahmassani talks to Medical Xpress about difficulty of last mile with vaccine distribution...

from Medical Xpress

Compass News: March 2021

March 2021   The latest news, information and updates from NUTC.

from Compass News

United Center Opens

March 2021   Vaccine site opens fully with unfilled appointments designated to 5 Chicago zip codes

from ABC 7 Chicago

Redesigning Streets for People

March 2021   Check out The Infrastructure Show's latest episode from Professor Schofer

from The Infrastructure Show

Mahmassani, Colgate Elected to NAE

February 2021   Leaders in robotics, transportation and operations, receive highest professional distinction accorded to engineers...

from McCormick Engineering News

Vaccine 'Hunger Games'

February 2021   “’s a matter of life and death, and every day counts in this fight.” - Director Mahmassani

from Chicago Tribune


February 2021   Illinois reports 3,660 new coronavirus cases, 83 deaths; some testing sites close due to cold

from ABC 7 Chicago

Podcast: The CoVax Files

February 2021   Experts discuss how the vaccine gets from the manufacturers gate into a patient’s arm and all the challenges in between...

from The CoVax Files (Apple Podcasts)

Greenbriar Summer Fellowship

January 2021   NUTC is seeking applicants for Greenbriar Equity Group's Summer 2021 Undergraduate Fellowship... 

Sandhouse features Derwinski

January 2021   Metra's Derwinski expects permanent change to schedules in wake of pandemic

from Trains Magazine

Tennesseans Not Alone

January 2021 tackling vaccine distribution frustrations

IL Vaccine Distribution Concerns

January 2021   NUTC director talks vaccine distribution, logistics in Illinois...

from Daily Herald

Illinois Administers Half

January 2021   Why Are Fewer Than Half Of The COVID-19 Vaccines Sent To Illinois Being Administered?

from CBS Chicago

Arizona's Slow Distribution

January 2021   Only about 22% of Arizona's total COVID-19 vaccine supply has been distributed

from ABC 15 Arizona

NU at TRB 2021

December 2020   View Northwestern presentations and participants scheduled for the TRB Annual Meeting

Compass News: December 2020

December 2020   The latest news, information and updates from #NUTC

from Compass News

Happy Holidays, COVID

November 2020   COVID Vaccine Ready To Be Delivered From O’Hare

from CBS Chicago

COVID in Illinois

November 2020   Prof Mahmassani tells CBS Chicago federal timeline is possible...

from CBS Chicago

Red Light Cameras under COVID-19

October 2020   "COVID-19 isn’t a good time to start ticketing drivers for going 6 MPH over the speed limit"

from Streetsblog Chicago

Public Transit Predictions

October 2020   Professor Schofer talks public transit uncertainties in a post-pandemic world...

from The Hill

Compass News: October 2020

October 2020   The latest news, information and updates from NUTC...

from Compass News

Airport Cooperative Research Award

October 2020   Press Release: 2020-2021 Airport Cooperative Research Program Graduate Research Awardees

Anticipating Vaccination Logistics

September 2020   The importance of biopharmaceutical supply chains: BAC member company Boyle Transportation explains...

from Pharma's Almanac

Railway Crossing Crashes

September 2020   Railway collisions plummet nationwide,­ but not in Illinois

from Daily Herald

Celebrating Richard Joseph

September 2020   Richard Joseph, NUTC Faculty and John Evans Professor Emeritus at Northwestern, turns 75...

from The Nation

Unique Double Decker

September 2020   Listen to the latest episode of "The Infrastructure Show" from Professor Joseph Schofer...

from The Infrastructure Show

In Memoriam: Jan D. Achenbach

August 2020   Professor Emeritus Jan D. Achenbach Passes Away

from McCormick Engineering News

Compass News: August 2020

August 2020   The latest news, information and updates from NUTC...

Submarine Cable Communication

August 2020   Listen to the latest episode of "The Infrastructure Show" from Professor Joseph Schofer...

from The Infrastructure Show


July 2020   Nearly $5 Million to 4 New University Transportation Centers Announced...


ACRP Awards TC Student

July 2020   Christopher Cummings awarded funding from the Graduate Research Award Program on Public-Sector Aviation Issues...

CTA Plans Ahead

July 2020   Pandemic-related changes reported by CTA's President Dorval Carter during AVR #Cities1...

from Evanston Now

Reopening Our Cities Roundtable

July 2020   First July 9th webinar will focus on role of public transportation

from Northwestern Now

New AVR Series: Reopening Our Cities

July 2020   NUTC’s new Reopening Our Cities AVRs feature transportation industry professionals working toward the safe and strategic reopening of cities and regional economies.

Congrats 2020 Graduates

June 2020   A special message from the NUTC director, faculty and staff...

Congratulations Greenbriar Fellows

June 2020   NUTC and BAC member Greenbriar Equity Group announce the Greenbriar Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award recipients...

Trucking Lessons Learned

May 2020   Trucking execs discuss digitized operations, diversified sourcing and resilience in conquering COVID-19 challenges

from FleetOwner

In Memoriam: Mary Ann Smith

May 2020   Former NUTC staff member fondly referred to as "Becky" passed away on May 16th at her home in Fontana, WI...

from Lake Geneva Regional News

Compass News: May 2020

May 2020   The latest news, information & updates from NUTC...

Chicago Mobility under COVID-19

May 2020   NUTC researchers investigate traffic patterns and map collision data throughout Chicago during COVID-19 crisis...

Taxi Operations during COVID-19

May 2020   New report examines immediate effects of COVID-19 on taxi operations in Chicago...

Industry Perspective: COVID-19

May 2020   Researchers at NUTC survey Business Advisory Council members to get industry perspective on how COVID-19 is impacting supply chains...

Vulnerable Populations in COVID-19

April 2020   Stathopoulos & Borowski study how COVID-19 is affecting vulnerable and marginalized populations...

from McCormick Engineering News

NU during global challenges

April 2020   Buffett Institute executive director addresses NU role during COVID-19 and new webinar with NUTC...

from Northwestern Now

TC Student Receives WTS Award

April 2020   Congratulations to NU PhD candidate Haleh Ale Ahmad on receiving the WTS Maggie Walsh Leadership Legacy Scholarship...

from WTS Scholarship Recipients

Tracking Crash Data

April 2020   Director Mahmassani, NUTC track Chicago automobile crash data during COVID-19...

from McCormick Engineering News

Moving Vital Supplies

April 2020   NUTC Director, multimodal transportation systems expert, Dr. Hani Mahmassani, and NU professor of computer science, Dr. Kris Hammond, discuss supply chains during COVID-19...

from Buffett Institute

Reckless Driving during COVID-19

April 2020   NUTC is tracking crash data in Chicago during the COVID-19 pandemic...

from WGN News

New COVID-19 Webinar

April 2020   NUTC launches webinar series of Asynchronous Virtual Roundtables with industry leaders to address effects of COVID-19 on transportation, logistics and supply chains...

Advances in Bus Rapid Transit

March 2020   Listen to the latest episode of "The Infrastructure Show" from Professor Joseph Schofer...

from The Infrastructure Show

Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel

March 2020   Listen to the latest episode of "The Infrastructure Show" from Professor Joseph Schofer...

from The Infrastructure Show

Transportation Library News

February 2020   The latest info & updates from our friends at Northwestern's Transportation Library...

from NUTL Newsletter

Supply Chain Speeds and Shipping Costs

February 2020   "As Supply Chains Move Faster, Businesses Have an Opportunity to Cut Shipping Costs" (research by TC Affiliates Karen Smilowitz and Sunil Chopra)...

from Kellogg Insight

Dredging the Upper Mississippi

February 2020   Listen to the latest episode of "The Infrastructure Show" from Professor Joseph Schofer...

Compass News: January 2020

February 2020   Read the latest information & updates from NUTC...

TC to Host SIAM4

January 2020   The 4th International Symposium on Infrastructure Asset Management (SIAM4) will be held August 20 & 21 at Northwestern...

Transportation Library is Hiring

January 2020   Position available to Non-librarians...

from Transportation Library

TRB 2020 Reception Photos

January 2020   View photos taken by Alan Santos at the TRB Reception & NUTC Alumni Reunion in Washington, DC...

Director on Drive Forward Podcast

January 2020   Professor Hani S. Mahmassani discusses future of autonomous, connected vehicles in IL...

from The Drive Forward Podcast

CDOT leader cites TC research

January 2020   Gia Biagi highlights Red Light Camera Report after mayor nominates her to lead CDOT...

from WTTW News

Battling Snowy Colorado Roads

January 2020   Check out the latest episode of Professor Joseph Schofer's podcast, "The Infrastructure Show"...

Red-Light Camera Benefits

December 2019   NUTC found Chicago red-light camera (RLC) enforcement program delivers significant safety benefits...

from Stock Daily Dish

Reducing Risk of Death

December 2019   When it comes to traffic fatalities, “motorcycles are a real outlier,” said Ian Savage, professor of economics at Northwestern...

from New York Times

Contractor Named ACM Fellow

December 2019   Prof Noshir Contractor named ACM Fellow for advancements in computing...

from McCormick Engineering News

NU at TRB 2020

November 2019   Reception invite & TRB event guide

Daniel McFadden delivers Moses Lecture

November 2019   Nov. 12th - Leon N. Moses Distinguished Lecture in Transportation at Lutkin hall

New Collection: Railroad Menus

November 2019   Transportation Library features special Ira Silverman Railroad Menu Collection...

from NU Libraries Blog

New Collection: Hough Timetables

July 2019   Transportation Library features special William R. Hough Timetable Collection...

from NU Libraries Blog

Congratulations 2019 Graduates

June 2019   Congrats, Civil & Environmental Engineering Class of 2019!

from McCormick CEE News

Shelter from the Storm

June 2019   Professor Joseph Schofer talks climate change resilient infrastructure

from The Hill

To Get Across Hanoi

June 2019   NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani talks traffic in Hanoi

from Experience Magazine

RLC Report: Texas Trends

May 2019   Media Mentions: NUTC red light camera (RLC) report in Digital Trends

Lior Ron Visits Campus

May 2019   Uber Freight's Ron delivered, “Uberizing Logistics & the Future of Freight” at Lutkin Memorial Hall on May 15

from Northwestern Engineering

Uber Freight’s Ambitious Aim

May 2019   Lior Ron delivers 38th Patterson Lecture


2019 DYF Announcement

May 2019   Call for applications - 2019 / 2020 NUTC Dissertation Year Fellowship

Uberizing Freight Logistics

May 2019   Lior Ron, Head of Uber Freight, to discuss “Uberizing Logistics & the Future of Freight” at 38th Annual Patterson Lecture

from Northwestern Now

38th Patterson Lecture: Lior Ron, Uber Freight

April 2019   MAY 15, 2019 - “Uberizing Logistics and the Future of Freight”

Spring 2019 Workshop

April 2019   "Feeding First to Last Mile Demands for Fast(er) Food Delivery"

Greenbriar Fellowship: Summer 2019

April 2019   NUTC's second annual Greenbriar Equity Group Undergraduate Transportation Research Fellowship call for applications.

WTS Awards TC Student

February 2019   Lama Al Hajj Hassan receives Helene M. Overly Scholarship from Women in Transportation (WTS) Greater Chicago Area Chapter

from Northwestern Engineering

NSF CAREER Award for TC Faculty

February 2019   Northwestern Engineering’s Amanda Stathopoulos & James Hambleton received CAREER awards from National Science Foundation (NSF)

from Northwestern Engineering

Transport Chicago Calls for Proposals

February 2019   Faculty, staff and student researchers encouraged to submit proposals for participation in Transport Chicago 2019

Compass News: January & February 2019

February 2019   The latest info, events & updates from NUTC!

TC Faculty Elected to NAE

February 2019   Northwestern Engineering’s Linda Broadbelt and Wei Chen elected to National Academy of Engineering (NAE).

BlueGrace Celebrates BAC & 10 Years

February 2019   BAC Membership among achievements mentioned by BlueGrace Logistics in 10th anniversary celebration

Mahmassani Wins Martin Beckmann Award

January 2019   Hani Mahmassani Wins The Martin Beckmann Transformative Research in Transportation Award

TC Expert Talks State Freight

January 2019   Lama Bou Mjahed says performance measures are critical for freight planning

TC Student Receives Eisenhower Award

January 2019   Graduate student Jason Soria receives Achievement Award from Dwight David Eisenhower Fellowship Program at TRB Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

Lifetime Achievement Award Honors TC Faculty

January 2019   Joseph Schofer Earns Council of University Transportation Centers Lifetime Achievement Award

from Northwestern Engineering

TC Faculty Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

January 2019   Joseph Schofer Earns Council of University Transportation Centers Lifetime Achievement Award

from Northwestern Engineering

Follow @infoNUTC

December 2018   Tweet-worthy transportation info & updates!

NUTC at TRB 2019

December 2018   NU presentation guide & reception details...

Compass News: December 2018

December 2018   The latest info, events & updates from NUTC!

Infrastructure Show: Private Financing for Public Infrastructure

November 2018   Latest podcast episode from Professor Joseph Schofer

Special Event: Keywell, Uptake

November 2018   Uptake founder & CEO talks data’s ability to boost transportation sector

Infrastructure Show: Keeping Cars on the Road: Accessible Public Transportation Services

October 2018   Latest podcast episode from Professor Joseph Schofer

Fall 2018 Workshop

October 2018   "Connect / Carry / Conquer: Innovative Practices in Freight Process Management"

NEWS RELEASE: Special Event

October 2018   NOV. 7, 2018 - Keywell, veteran entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Uptake, talks impact of IoT & Artificial Intelligence on transportation.

Infrastructure Show: Keeping Cars on the Road: Delaware DOT Reduces Crashes

September 2018   Latest podcast episode from Professor Joseph Schofer

Transportation Librarian Featured

September 2018   Fine Books & Collections' Bright Young Librarians series features Rachel Cole, Public Services Librarian at Northwestern University’s Transportation Library in Evanston, Illinois.

Infrastructure Show: Wind Turbines for Sustainable Energy

August 2018   Latest podcast episode from Professor Joseph Schofer

NUTC Research Wins Best Paper

August 2018   Alireza Talebpour, former NUTC Dissertation Year Fellow & current Texas A&M assistant professor, wins 2018 Best Paper Award w/ NUTC director & professor, Hani Mahmassani .

Compass News: Summer 2018

August 2018   TC begins new research with Daylight Transport; TC joins Illinois Smart Transportation Initiative to introduce Illinois Automated and Connected Track (I-ACT) proposal at June 4 industry forum; TC congratulates 4 PhD & 13 MS Spring 2018 grads; TC professor Marco Nie tests OFEX app in China; Mahmassani comments on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop bid; TC faculty honor Professor Carlos Daganzo of UC-Berkeley, Institute for Transportation Studies.

BlueGrace joins BAC

July 2018   BlueGrace joins BAC via CEO & Founder, Bobby Harris...

TC Faculty Member Marco Nie Testing Truck-Hailing Platform in China

July 2018   TC faculty member Marco Nie is partnering with Chinese startup Manbang to test an online freight exchange (OFEX) application system for the highly fragmented, $1 trillion trucking industry in China.

TC Faculty Celebrate Berkeley Professor & Friend with Symposium

June 2018   NUTC director Hani Mahmassani and Professors Karen Smilowitz and Marco Nie took part in a surprise 70th birthday party and Transportation Symposium on June 20 celebrating UC-Berkeley Institute for Transportation Studies’ Professor Carlos Daganzo.

Sandhouse Rail Group: Joe Becker

June 2018   Chicago-based Uptake Technologies is bringing industrial analytics, machine learning, and AI outcomes to the rail sector.

TC Kicks Off New Research Partnership

June 2018   NUTC and Long Beach, California-based Daylight Transport are collaborating on a new research project.

NUTC Congratulates 4 PhD & 13 MS Graduates

June 2018   NUTC was well-represented at Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering Spring 2018 commencement ceremony!

Mahmassani Fields Media Calls About Proposed ORD Hyperloop

June 2018   Elon Musk and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel announced plans to build high-speed, underground transportation from Chicago Loop to O'Hare airport.

TC Participates in I-ACT Project Information Day

June 2018   Transportation experts and industry leaders gathered on June 4 for the Illinois Automated and Connected Track (I-ACT) Project Information Day. The forum, hosted by the Smart Transportation Infrastructure Initiative, centered on plans for a testing facility for connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). IDOT also issued a Request for Information from transportation experts.

Stoplight Camera Controversy

May 2018   Would controversial red light cameras make Milwaukee streets safer or just be ticket traps? NUTC director Hani Mahmassani weighs in on this CBS 58 report.

TC Seminar: Yoram Shiftan

May 2018   Travel Behavior Implication of Automated Vehicles

Boeing CEO Talks Space

May 2018   Dennis Muilenburg, chairman, president, and CEO at Boeing, delivers 37th Annual Patterson Transportation Lecture.

from Northwestern Engineering

WATCH: 37th Annual Patterson Lecture

May 2018   Watch video of lecture delivered by Dennis A. Muilenburg, Chairman, President and CEO of The Boeing Company.

Compass News: May 2018

May 2018   Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg 37th Annual Patterson Lecture; Greenbrier Equity Group awards inaugural underraduate fellowships; new downloadable research from Hani Mahmassani and Michael Hyland (Ph.D. 2018) on optimization strategies for autonomous vehicle fleet operations.

TC Seminar: Eric Gonzales

April 2018   Modeling and optimizing paratransit in the age of TNCs.

Resilience Workshop

April 2018   On April 19th and 20th, experts—including NUTC director Hani Mahmassani and NUTC faculty, Professors Amanda Stathopoulos and Joseph Schofer—discussed policy and decision making under uncertainty, designing for diversity and equity, and sustaining the vibrancy of cities at a workshop organized by Professor Kimberly Gray, CEE Department Chair and NUTC Faculty Affiliate.

Sandhouse presents George Hamlin

April 2018   George Hamlin, an aviation consultant and lifelong railroad aficionado, made a colorful presentation to the Sandhouse Rail Group on April 12 at NUTC. Hamlin’s presentation featured key photographs from Abbey’s body of work, most notably his 1935 visit on behalf of Trains magazine to the Cincinnati Union Terminal. Completed in 1933, the Terminal is an Art Deco structure of such grandeur that railroaders have nicknamed it “the Temple of Transportation.”

Compass News: April 2018

April 2018   NUTC's Freight to Air Industry Workshop, May 2, 2018; Recap of Resilience Workshop, NUTC Seminars.

Compass News: March 2018

March 2018   Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg to deliver Patterson Lecture, May 2; NUTC Industry Workshop, "Freight to Air" on May 2.

Fund Honors Diana Marek

February 2018   The Diana Marek Student Experience Fund will commemorate Marek's service to NUTC by supporting undergraduate and graduate transportation students in education and research.

Compass News: February 2018

February 2018   Newsletter: Boeing CEO to deliver Patterson Lecture; NUTC launches performance measurement project; BAC members, NUTC faculty honored

Compass News: January 2018

January 2018   NUTC at 97th TRB meeting; Diana Marek says farewell; NUTC faculty, students well represented at TRB

Compass News: December 2017

December 2017   Newsletter: Diana Marek Retires After 40+ Years with NUTC; Diana Marek Student Experience Fund; PhD Candidate Michael Hyland Awarded Eisenhower Fellowship; NUTC at TRB Annual Meeting; TRB Reception / NUTC Alumni Reunion; McCormick Tech Expo; TC Fall 2017 Seminar & Sandhouse Recap

Compass News: November 2017

November 2017   Newsletter: NUTC Hosts First Zephyr Foundation Board Meeting; PhD Candidate Helen Pinto Named 2018 IRF Road Scholar; In memoriam: Donald J. Jacobs, dean of the Kellogg School of Management, 1975-2001.

IN MEMORIAM: Donald P. Jacobs [1927-2017]

October 2017   Donald P. Jacobs, dean of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management from 1975 until 2001 and professor of finance since 1957, died October 30, surrounded by his children. He was 90.

from Northwestern Now

BAC MEMBER: John Larkin (Stifel) on Trucking/Tech

October 2017   “It occurred to me, while listening to all the experts … that it appears as though the transportation industry is endeavoring to catch up to other industries that generally have been earlier adopters of technology.” (full story on FleetOwner)

Compass News: October 2017

October 2017   BAC meeting takeaways; Prof. Eichenbaum delivers 2017 Leon Moses Transportation Lecture; NUTC Engineers optimize Chicago Marathon

BOOK: The Sentient Enterprise by Ratzesberger & Sawhney

September 2017   Teradata’s Oliver Ratzesberger (BAC Member) and NUTC Professor Mohanbir Sawhney co-authored: "The Sentient Enterprise: A Revolutionary Approach to Agile Decision Making." (full article on

OP-ED: Hani Mahmassani on Hurricane Evacuation Traffic

September 2017   "Traffic jams during hurricane evacuations are entirely preventable" - NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani (full article on Quartz)

Reuters: London Strips Uber of License

September 2017   London Strips Uber of License

Compass News: September 2017

September 2017   Newsletter: OP-ED: Traffic jams during hurricane evacuations are entirely preventable [Quartz]; Technical Workshop: Making the Customer Happy; Lecture: Outlook for the US Economy: Is this as good as it gets?; Call for Papers: Transportation System Analysis for Better Policy-Making

Mahmassani Explains How Trucking is Being Remade in Chicago

August 2017   Speaking to Crain's Chicago Business, Hani Mahmassani argues that the presence of analytics companies places Chicago at the forefront of changes in the industry.

Compass News: August 2017

August 2017   Newsletter: NUTC Faculty & Teradata Representative Co-Author Book, Host Exclusive Think Tank; Evaluation and Summary Reports for Chicago Testbed; Call for papers for Transportation System Analysis for Better Policy-Making

FHWA-JPO-16-388: ATDM-DMA AMS Testbed Project

July 2017   Download the Evaluation Summary for Chicago Testbed

FHWA-JPO-16-387: ATDM-DMA AMS Testbed Project

July 2017   Download the Evaluation Report for Chicago Testbed

Compass News: July 2017

July 2017   Newsletter: Thank you: ISTTT22 Attendees; ISTTT22: Pre-Conference Workshop Summary; NUTC & ISTTT22 at TSL Conference; Evaluation and Summary Reports for Chicago Testbed; Call for Papers: Transportation System Analysis for Better Policy-Making

Mahmassani Discusses Elon Musk's Desire to Bring High-Speed Transit to Chicago

June 2017   In Crain's Chicago Business, NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani explains that current transportation options to O'Hare Airport are not sustainable.

Compass News: June 2017

June 2017   NUTC hosts ISTTT22 in July; Diana Marek Celebrates 40th Anniversary; Nigeria: Prof. Richard Joseph talks African infrastructure & governance; Poland: NUTC researchers attend ROVER conference in Warsaw; Spring 2017 Executive Program a Success; Congrats 2017 T&L Minor Graduates

Union Pacific CEO Discusses the Importance of Trade

May 2017   Lance Fritz discussed the secrets behind Union Pacific’s enduring success as well as the importance of global trade during the 36th annual William A. Patterson Transportation Lecture.

from Northwestern Engineering

Compass News: May 2017

May 2017   TRF Awards NUTC Students; Union Pacific CEO Discusses the Importance of Trade; Experts Discuss Public-Private Partnerships During Industry Workshop

NUTC Director Discusses United Airlines Controversies in The Washington Post

April 2017   Hani Mahmassani explains that despite the airline's recent incident with David Dao, overbooking flights still benefits passengers.

Compass News: April 2017

April 2017   Red Light Camera Report: Safety Matters; UCLA Honors Professor Joe Schofer; Spring 2017 Industry Workshop; 36th Annual Patterson Lecture

RLC REPORT: Red Light Cameras to Come Down, Go Up Across Chicago

March 2017   View NBC Coverage of the Red Light Camera Report

Chicago's Red-Light Camera Program Has Significant Safety Benefits

March 2017   A Northwestern University Transportation Center study led by Professor Hani Mahmassani has found that camera enforcement correlates with an overall decrease in injury-producing crashes.

from Northwestern Engineering

Compass News: March 2017

March 2017   Newsletter: NUTC hosts AFRICAPLUS Forum; Red light camera study released; Spring 2017 Executive Education program to focus on freight, logistics.

Compass News: February 2017

February 2017   36th Annual Patterson Lecturer: Lance Fritz, Union Pacific; Data. Changes. Everything. Making Mobility Great Again!; NUTC Faculty & Alum to Co-Host 58th Annual TRF Meeting in Chicago; Navigating the Growing Challenges from the First Mile to the Last Mile in Transportation; NUTC to Host 22nd International Symposium on Transportation & Traffic Theory (ISTTT22)

Joseph Schofer Receives S.S. Steinberg Award

January 2017   The American Road and Transportation Builders Association gives the award to honor remarkable contributions to transportation education.

from Northwestern Engineering

Compass News - January 2017

January 2017   More than 800 Northwestern University Transportation Center alumni and meeting attendees gathered in DC for the 96th annual Transportation Research Board meeting; NUTC to lead new FHA-funded project in collaboration with UC-Berkeley and Leidos, Inc. to develop an AMS framework for connected and autonomous vehicles.

Norman Carlson Elected Chairman of Metra Board

October 2016   Carlson, a member of the Sandhouse Group and NUTC Business Advisory Council, was unanimously elected by the Metra Board of Directors.

Lipinski Discusses Driverless Cars in ChicagoInno

September 2016   ChicagoInno spoke with alumnus and Congressman Dan Lipinski to find out what he’s learned about driverless cars and the government’s role in safely deploying the technology.

NUTC & CMAP #2050BigIdeas Forum: Have we reached peak driving?

September 2016   Planning for future travel in the Chicago region

Panel Discussion Looks at Factors that Have Impacted 'Peak Driving'

September 2016   Featured on WGN, NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani took part in a panel discussion about a new report from the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning that shows trends in vehicle ownership and miles traveled have stalled after years of growth.

Robert Sarmiento Named 2018 SLA President

September 2016   Sarmiento, head of the Transportation Library and acting director of the Distinctive Collections Workgroup at Northwestern, was elected by SLA members to serve as the association’s president in 2018.

Mahmassani Participates in Panel Discussion on Driverless Cars

September 2016   Showcased in Evanston Now, NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani shared expertise on the factors impacting the future of driving during an event sponsored by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.

Trespassing Has Become Top Railroad Safety Issue

September 2016   Trespassing numbers have remained steady over the years and now account for about 72 percent of all railroad-related deaths, with 761 fatalities in 2015, including 296 suicides.

Mahmassani Named to 2016 Class of National Associates by National Research Council

July 2016   Hani Mahmassani, professor of civil and environmental engineering and the William A. Patterson Chair in Transportation, has been named a National Associate by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s National Research Council.

from Northwestern Engineering

Sandhouse Rail Group Tackles South Shore and Metra Operations

June 2016   Highlights from The Sandhouse Rail Group's more recent meeting were featured in a blog on the website Trains.

Experts Discuss the Future of Infrastructure

May 2016   Titled Mobility 2050: A Vision for Transportation Infrastructure and How We Can Get There, Northwestern unveiled the findings of a comprehensive infrastructure study at symposium with the AEM.

Ian Savage and undergrad Caroline Miller win Best Paper

May 2016   Ian Savage won the Transportation Research Forum’s prize for Best Paper with Northwestern undergraduate Caroline Miller (WCAS, 2015) for "Does the income level of a neighborhood affect transit demand responsiveness?”

In Memoriam: Aaron J. Gellman

April 2016   The Transportation Center and the Northwestern University community will hold a Memorial Tribute on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 2:00 PM to honor the life of Dr. Aaron J. Gellman who passed away in January of this year at the age of 85.

COMPASS NEWS: August 2016

April 2016   compass news from august 2016

Understanding Inflight WiFi’s Poor Performance

February 2016   Professor Fabián Bustamante and his team developed an application to help them characterize inflight WiFi’s system challenges — and eventually to help improve it.

from Northwestern Engineering

Transportation Scholar Aaron Gellman Dies at 85

January 2016   Aaron J. Gellman, a transportation scholar, aviation expert, and former director of the Northwestern University Transportation Center, died on January 11 at age 85.

from Northwestern Engineering


More than 20 Faculty and Students presented papers and posters at the 2016 Transportation Research board Annual Meeting

January 2016   Take a look at the faculty and students who presented at the 2016 Transportation Research board Annual Meeting


2016 TRB Annual Meeting – Northwestern lecturers, presenters and moderators

January 2016   Download the scrollable NUTC participation list – with times and locations

Mahmassani Receives Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lectureship Award

January 2016   NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani gave the 2016 Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lecture at the Transportation Research Board’s 2016 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC on January 11.

Ian Savage Appointed to Transportation Research Board Special Committee

December 2015   NUTC faculty member Ian Savage and BAC member Craig Philip were appointed to a Transportation Research Board committee to study domestic transportation of petroleum, natural gas, and ethanol.

Smilowitz Elected Officer in the 2015 Transportation Science and Logistics Society

November 2015   Faculty affiliate Karen Smilowitz addresses members at the TSL Conference in Chicago.

Forecasting Urban Travel: Past, Present and Future

October 2015   Symposium and Book Release for Forecasting Urban Travel: Past, Present and Future by David Boyce and Huw Williams

NUTC Sponsors Amtrak Blue Ribbon Panel Meeting

October 2015   According to a new report from Amtrak, opening up train traffic in the Chicago Gateway will require better operating strategies and some new investments.

Gellman Discusses Flight Delays with CBS2 Chicago

July 2015   Former NUTC Director Aaron Gellman explained the role of computers in reliable airline operations.

Mahmassani Delivers Keynote Address at ICPLT

July 2015   NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani delivered a keynote address at the 2nd Interdisciplinary Conference on Production, Logistics and Traffic in Dortmund, Germany.

Lipinski Symposium Underscores Need for Infrastructure Improvements

June 2015   The Transportation Center hosted federal and state dignitaries, business leaders, and academics for the 2015 William O. Lipinski Symposium on Transportation Policy and Strategy.

from Northwestern Engineering

Gellman Receives Wilbur S. Smith Award

June 2015   Gellman, former director of the Northwestern University Transportation Center, received the award from Eno Center For Transportation.

NUTC Executive Education Series Tackles Freight Transportation and Logistics

June 2015   The Transportation Center held a three-day executive education program entitled Freight Transportation and Logistics: Securing Capacity in a Dynamic Industry.

Smilowitz Receives Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence Award

May 2015   Faculty affiliate Karen Smilowitz was recognized for demonstrating outstanding dedication to undergraduate education at Northwestern University.

from Northwestern Engineering

Current and Former NUTC Students Inspire Next Generation

March 2015   On March 7, current NUTC PhD candidate Charlotte Frei and alumna Kelsey Watterworth joined the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana for STEMapalooza, an all-day hands-on activities fair designed to get girls interested in STEM courses and careers.


Research on the Role of Gas Prices on Transportation Choice Featured in the RedEye

January 2015   The Chicago Tribune's RedEye highlighted research from a 2013 study co-authored by Professor Ian Savage, which found that residents increasingly take public transit instead of driving when gas prices are more than $3.00 per gallon.


NUTC Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Reception and Alumni Reunion

January 2015   The annual NUTC TRB Reception and Alumni Reunion was held on Sunday, January 11.


Transportation Center's 60th Anniversary Transportation Summit was featured in FleetOwner magazine

January 2015   FleetOwner magazine covers NUTC 60th Anniversary.

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