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Northwestern University

Dissertation Year Fellows

NUTC awards Dissertation Year Fellowships (DYF) to PhD Candidates who are in their final year of study and conducting dissertation research on transportation or logistics-related topics.


Please join NUTC in congratulating the following recipients...



Jiayang Li
Some New Perspectives on Games in Transportation System Analysis

Jing Yu
Integrating Environmental Repercussions in the Optimal Design of Goods, Services and Infrastructure

Hongyu Zheng
Design and regulation of shared mobility service systems


Mariana Escallon-Barrios
Closing the supply-demand gap: Scheduling policies for volunteer organizations

Maher Said
Automatic, Pandemic: Modeling the effect of disruptions to delivery and passenger mobility systems

Eugene Wickett
Post-Market Surveillance: Using Supply-Chain Information to Improve Regulatory Actions in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance


Hoseb Abkarian
Optimal Decision-Making for Shared Autonomous Mobility Provision: A Bayesian and Reinforcement Learning Framework

Elisa Borowski
Behavioral Research for Mobility Disruption Recovery

Divyakant Tahlyan
Omni-Channel Retailing: Supply Side Evolution, Demand Side Adoption and Travel Impacts


Kenan Zhang
Understand Pooling in Ride-hail: Efficiency, Equilibrium and Management

Pol Boada-Collado
Dynamic Transportation Procurement with Advanced Demand Information

Jingyuan Bao
Controlling for Heterogeneous Rating Scales in the Analysis of Psychological Attitude Factors: Application in Travel Mode Choice and in Fundraising

Jason Soria
Care to Share? Ridehailing’s Role and Impact in our Communities


Lama Al Hajj Hassan
Less-than-Truckload freight planning problem: Designing the service network for fleet automation

Haleh Ale-Ahmad
On-Demand Air Mobility

Sida Luo
Integrated design and analysis of multimodal hybrid mobility systems

Helen Pinto
Integrated Transit System Design with Autonomous Vehicle Fleet Services: Mathematical Formulation, Solution Approach and Large-Scale Application

Liwei Zeng
Leveraging Structure in Public School Transportation Problems



Alec Biehl
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Investigating Theories of Individuals and Communities for threshholds-of-change. Analysis in the context of active travel adoption

Amr Elfar
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Traffic Operations of Connected and Automated Vehicle Systems: Machine Learning Applications

Archak Mittal
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Assessing the Impact of Connected Vehicles at Freeway, Arterial and Path Level: Modeling, Characterization and Active Management

Aymeric Punel
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Evaluating the Performance of Crowdsourced Delivery system. Sender Behavior agent interaction and Network Variables

Hang Shu
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Pareto-optimal decision making and mechanism design for road franchising


Mehmet Basdere
Industrial Engineering & Management Science
Models & Approaches to Multiobjective Arc Tour Problems with an Application to Marathon course Design

Michael Hyland
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Real-time Operation of Shared-use Autonomous Vehicle Fleets: Modeling, Optimization, Simulation, and Analysis

Fiorella Mete
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Assessment of Bridge Performance Through Data Science Techniques

John Miller
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Integrating Dynamic Probabilistic Profitable Tours into the Truck Assignment Problem for User Equilibrium and System Optimal Solutions

Yagci Sokat
Industrial Engineering and Management Science
Transportation & Logistics in Resource Limited Settings


Hongyu Chen
Civil & Environmental Engineering
On-Demand Personal Mobility Services in the Era of Mobile Computing: Physics, Economics & Regulatory Policies

Peng “Will” Chen
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Hybrid Transit System: Optimal Routing and Design

Zihan Hong
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Traffic Systems under External Interventions: Characterization, Modeling and Active

Lama Bou Mjahed
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Cohort Effects and Technology Engagement in Connected User’s Sustainable Activity and Travel Behavior

Saeed Rahimi-Aghdam
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Long Term Deformation of Concrete Infrastructures


Ying Chen
Civil & Environmental Engineering
From Big Social Media Data to Big Traffic Flow Data: Data Mining Techniques in Transportation

Rainer Widmann
Kellogg School of Management
Economics of Innovation (primary) Public economics/ Politial Economics

Jie “Jeremy” Yang
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Data-Driven Optimization and Analyses in the Transportation Industry

Ali Zockaie
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Path Finding and Traffic Equilibrium in Stochastic Networks Considering Link Travel Time Correlations


Madison Fitzpatrick
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Dynamic Attitudes and Social Networks in Travel Behavior Modeling

Mehrnaz Ghamami
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Planning Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

Qianfei Li
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Optimal Routing Problems in Stochastic Transportation Networks Considering Sustainability

Alireza Talebpour
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Modeling driver behavior in a connected environment: Integration of microscopic traffic simulation and telecommunication systems


Charlotte Frei
Civil & Environmental Engineering
User-Driven Demand Adaptive Transit:Enhancing the User Experience through Flexible Transit for Low-Density Communities

Lan Jiang
Civil & Environmental Engineering
City Logistics: Real-Time Management and Planning of Less-Than-Truckload Pickup and Delivery Service

Jiwon Kim
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Reliability in Traffic Simulation Models

Ismail Omer Verbas
Civil & Environmental Engineering
New Approaches to Transit Network Design and Frequency Setting Problem

Joseph Warfel
Industrial Engineering & Management Science
Operations Management of Retail Donation Programs

Weizeng Zhang
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Segmentation Modeling: Applications for Finite Mixture Regression Models to Management of Transportation Infrastructure


Yikai Chen
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Statistical Health-Monitoring for Transportation Infrastructure

Timothy Sweda
Industrial Engineering & Management Science
Decision Making for Electric Vehicles

Luis de la Torre
Industrial Engineering & Management Science
Models and Algorithms for Coordination of Humanitarian Logistics


Guy Arie
Kellogg School of Management
Multi-Market Contacts in the Airline Industry: Theory and Evidence

Laurence Audenaerd
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Bringing Short-Haul Air Down to Earth: Exploring the Trade-Space of Mode Substitution for Regional Air Passenger Transport Markets

Yue Geng
Industrial Engineering & Management Science
Emission Focused Supply Chain Network Design and Logistics

Yang Liu
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Welfare Effects of Congestion Pricing on Travelers with Different Value of Time: Strategies to Enable Transportation


Hamed Alibabai
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Properties of Simulated Path Travel Times

Emily Kushto
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Stakeholder Impacts of Roadway Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Projects

Elaine Croft McKenzie
Civil & Environmental Engineering
An EIO-LCA Framework for the Development of Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure

Chan Seng "Bill" Pun
Industrial Engineering & Management Science
Topics in Airline Revenue Management for Passenger and Cargo Sectors

Xing Wu
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Routing and Traffic Assignment in Stochatic Networks

Zitao Zhang
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Economic Analysis of Transportation Systems


Michael Huang
Industrial Engineering & Management Science
Equity in Relief Routing

Marshall Lindsey
Chemical & Biological Engineering
Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with Passenger Vehicle Use in Chicago: A Focus on Location Effects and JTW Travel


Michael Lim
Industrial Engineering & Management Science
Managing Risks of Facility Disruptions

David Sellers Smith
History Department
The Credit Man’s Moralism: Salaried Managers & Lag of Mass Consumerism, 1890 - 1925
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