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Northwestern University

TC Seminar Series

The NUTC Seminar Series allows students, faculty, and the community to learn from the real-world experiences of seasoned industry professionals and researchers in the field. The Series is designed to enhance the student classroom experience and learning. Each year the Series features a wide variety of academic speakers, transportation professionals and researchers examining topics relevant to their course of study and future professions.

Upcoming & Archive

A Network-Level Analysis of Urban Traffic


Social Media and Community Engagement:  The Bike Lane Wars


Design and Analysis of Collaborative Logistics

10/19/ 2023 

"Planning Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft (eVTOL)-Based Package Delivery with Community Noise Impact Considerations" | Dr. Bo Sou, University of Illinois Chicago"


Dr. Bo Zou

"NUTC Seminar Series: "Motivating and incentivizing the adoption and maintenance of travel behavior change (Case study: Stavanger, Norway)" | Ayda Joudavi, Northwestern University"


Ayda Joudavi

"Telemobility through the pandemic: Longitudinal tracking, modeling, and outlook" 


Divyakant Tahlyan 

"Preparing for an Era of Private Automated Vehicles: Understanding Challenges and Designing Innovative Infrastructure Solutions"


Dr. Michael Hyland - Univeristy of California

"Robots at your doorstep? Acceptance of near-future technologies for automated parcel delivery" Maher Said, Northwestern University 


Maher Said - Northwestern University 

"Traffic Flow as a Simple Fluid: Towards a Scaling Theory of Urban Congestion" 


Dr. Jorge Laval - Georgia Institute of Technology 

"Systemwide Identification of Signal Retiming Opportunities with Connected Vehicle Data to Reduce Split Failures"


Dr. Darcy Bullock  - Purdue University

"How BNSF Railway Uses Advanced Analytics"


Dr. April Kuo - BNSF

NUTC Seminar: "Reinforcement Learning For Dynamic Pricing And Modeling The Demand For a Mixed-Service Autonomous Ridesharing System With Parcel Delivery" - Hoseb Abkarian | Northwestern University 


Hoseb Abkarian - Northwestern University 



"Contemporary Issues in Transportation Data Analytics"


"Connecting the Dots: Data, Methods, and Policies"


"Scalable Algorithms for Bicriterion Trip-Based Transit Routing


"Can light tolls do the heavy lifting ?"


Lewis James Lehe - Illinois Urbana-Champaign

"Do equations have politics? Time, design and pricing in transport economics"


Sergio Jara-Diaz - Universidad de Chile

"Economics and regulations of smart transportation systems


Daniel A. Vignon- University of Michigan

"Incentive design for promoting ridesharing"


Neda Masoud - University of Michigan

 "Peaking inside the black box: Toward explainable - Al- empowered travel demand models"


Xilei Zhao, Ph.D. - University of Florida



"Evacuation Network Modeling for Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Refueling Infrastructure Deployment"


Eleftheria (Ria) Kontou, Ph.D. - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


 "Blue Skies for Amazon Air:  An Assessment of the Expanding Capabilities of Amazon's Cargo Airline"

Joseph P. Schwieterman, Ph.D - DePaul University


"Perspectives on Travel During and After COVID-19"

Dr. Steven Polzin


"From Transportation Equity to Transportation Justice: Within, Through, and Beyond the State"


Alex Karner - UT Austin


"Shared & on-demand mobility services: from matching to management"

Kenan Zhang - Northwestern University


"Algorithmic Foundations for Demand Responsive Transit Systems"

Samitha Samaranayake - Cornell University


"Low-rank modeling for spatiotemporal mobility and traffic data"

Lijun Sun - McGill University


Gentrification and Displacement Near Los Angeles Rail Transit Stations: New Evidence from Micro-Data

Marlon G. Boarnet - University of Southern California



Harnessing Game Theory & Big Data for Autonomous and Connected Transportation Ecosystem

Xuan (Sharon) Di - Columbia University


Cooperative Platooning in Mixed Traffic: Modeling, Control and Assessment

04/02/2020 - CANCELLED
B. Brian Park - University of Virginia


Will ride-pooling change the nature of transit network design?

04/09/2020 - CANCELLED
Sida Luo - Northwestern University PhD Candidate


A decade of research on vehicle ownership and use: methods, results and impacts on U.S. policy making

04/23/2020 - CANCELLED
Cinzia Cirillo - University of Maryland


Title TBD

05/14/2020 - CANCELLED
Stephen Boyles - University of Texas, Austin



Redefining Transportation with AI

Tiger Qie - DiDi


Recent Developments and Current Issues Facing the National Rail Network: Thoughts on 10 Months at the Surface Transportation Board

Martin Oberman -  Surface Transportation Board

Optimizing the Middle-Mile

Mike Hewitt - Loyola University Chicago


Navigating the Maelstrom; Perspectives on and Challenges Facing Transit in a Turbulent and Uncertain World

Brendon Hemily - Hemily & Associates, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Watch Presentation)
Spatial distribution of logistics facilities and truck traffic

Kazuya Kawamura - University of Illinois, Chicago
Understanding the adoption of connected & autonomous vehicles (CAV) & the role of peer influence

Cara Wang - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)


The Pilot of the Future

Geoff Murray - Oliver Wyman

Understanding the 'Crowd' in Crowd-Shipping

Aymeric Punel - Northwestern University 

Control of traffic composed of humans and automated vehicles

Dan Work - Vanderbilt University


Impact of Non-Hub Cities to United's Success

Mandeep Grewal - United Airlines
Spillover Parking Congestion & Retail Business

Robin Lindsey - Univesrity of British Columbia

Ground Transportation Gaps: The Most Heavily Traveled Intercity Routes in the US without Rail or Express Coach Service

Joseph Schwieterman -DePaul University & Chaddick Institute


Transit Network Design Under Demand Uncertainty
Hong Lo - Hong Kong University


Statistical Inference of Probabilistic Origin-Destination Demand Using Day-to-Day Traffic Data

Zhen (Sean) Qian, Carnegie Mellon University  View Presentation


Forgiving Roads

Michael G. Dreznes, International Road Federation (IRF) View Recording

Travel Behavior Implication of Automated Vehicles

Yoram Shiftan, Transportation Research Institute, Technion, Israel 

View Recording     View Presentation

Modeling & Optimizing Paratransit in the Age of TNCs

Eric Gonzales, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering,
University of Massachusetts, Amherst  View Recording     View Presentation 

The History of Road Safety in Industrialized Countries (and the Future of Road Safety in Developing Countries)

Kavi Bhalla, University of Chicago

The 4th National Climate Assessment: Maintaining Hope While Assessing the Science

Donald J. Wuebbles, University of Illinois

Safety Implications of the Transition Getting at the S-Curve Parameters


Reg Souleyrette - Chair, Department of Civil Engineering, Commonwealth Professor of Transportation Engineering, University of Kentucky  View Presentation


The Role of Space in Design, Scale Economies and Optimal Pricing in Public Transport

Sergio Jara-Diaz, University of Chile

Research, Planning, & Lessons Learned in Evacuation & Transportation Resilience

Brian Wolshon, Edward A. and Karen Wax Schmitt Distinguished Professor; Director, Gulf Coast Research Center for Evacuation and Transportation Resiliency, Louisiana State University


A Universal Methodology for Learning Cascading Failure Dynamics in Interdependent Networks

Cynthia Chen
Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Washington-Seattle
Director, THINK (Transportation-Human Interaction-and-Network Knowledge) Lab 

Digitalization of Transport Management - A Voyage, not a Destination

Gunnar Stefansson
Professor, Logistics & Transport Management, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden; University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland

Models and Approaches to Multi-Objective Arc Tour Problems with an Application to Marathon Course Design

Mehmet Basdere
PhD Candidate, Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences, Northwestern University

Agent-Based Activity/Travel Microsimulation: What’s Next?

Eric Miller
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Director, University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI), University of Toronto

The Marginal Congestion of a Taxi in New York City

Alejandro Molnar
Assistant Professor of Economics, Vanderbilt University

Dynamic Clustering and Perimeter Control in Large-scale Urban Networks

Nikolaos Geroliminis, EPFL

Efficiency from User-driven Service Order Adjustments in Collaborative Consumption of Supply in Transportation

R. "Jay" Jayakrishnan
University of Southern California

A Tale of Two Stations: Civil Engineering & Design of the CTA Wilson & 95th Street Stations

Chris Bushell, Chief Infrastructure Officer, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)

Research, Practice, and Future Directions of Dynamic Ridesharing

Maged Dessouky
University of Southern California

On-demand Personal Mobility Services in the Era of Mobile Computing: Physics, Economics and Management

Hongyu Chen
Dissertation Year Fellow, Northwestern University

Delivering Sustainability: Transporting Goods in Urban Space

Anne Goodchild
SCTL Director, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Washington

Using Automated Data Sources to improve the performance of Public Transport Systems: A Framework and Applications

Nigel Wilson
Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Presentation slides

Multidimensional Network Analysis of Customer Preferences in Engineering Design

Wei Chen
Wilson-Cook Professor in Engineering Design, Director of Graduate Studies, Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University
Presentation slides

Anticipatory Pricing to Manage 'Flow Breakdown'

Ian Savage
Associate Chair, Department of Economics, Professor of Instruction, Weinberg School of Arts & Science, Northwestern University
Presentation slides

The Right to Travel—Little Recognized Aspects & Impediments

Richard Sobel
Visiting Scholar & Faculty Affiliate, Northwestern University

Exploring Millennials' Adoption of Shared Mobility & Attitudes Towards Vehicle Ownership in California

Giovanni Circella
Senior Research Engineer, Georgia Institute of Technology; UC Davis
Presentation slides

Effects of the Light Rail Transit Development & Neighborhood Design on Travel Behavior

Jason Cao
Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
Presentation slides


An Overview of Regional Transportation Planning in Chicago

Kermit W. Wies, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow & Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University

Planning Service Facilities Under Continuous Traffic Equilibrium

Yanfeng Ouyang, Endowed Faculty Scholar, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

Transit lines on a general parametric city: Feasible heuristics or strategic optimal?

Sergio Jara-Diaz, Professor of Transport Economics, Universidad de Chile

Connecting e-Hailing to Mass Transit Platform

Yu (Marco) Nie, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University
Presentation slides

Some Parking Economics

Richard Arnott, Professor of Economics, University of California, Riverside

CTA Red & Purple Modernization (RPM): A Core Capacity Expansion

Carole A. Morey, Chief Planning Officer, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
Presentation slides

Public-Private Partnership for Transportation Safety: Case Studies in Air & Rail

Laurence Audenaerd, Lead Engineer, Center for Advanced Aviation, System Development, The MITRE Corporation
Presentation slides

Big Data to Tackle Urban Mobility Challenges

Marta C. Gonzalez, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Simulating and Visualizing Planning for Sustainable Development

Dr. Paul Waddell, Professor of City & Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley

Simulating the Dynamic Effects of Horizontal Mergers: U.S. Airlines

Dr. John Lazarev, Assistant Professor of Economics, New York University, Visiting Scholar of Economics, Northwestern University
Presentation slides

Transit Accessibility, Last Mile Issues & Equity: Assessment using Chicago as a Case Study

Dr. Nebiyou Y. Tilahun, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning & Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago
Presentation slides

The Air Transport Industry: Structure, Economics, Operations: An overview of the Aviation Industry and its Key Players

Peter L. Smith, Former Project Director, Customer Value of Aviation Services, Marketing & Business Strategy, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Presentation slides

The German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest,Inc.

The seminar included presentations by select German companies and institutions and featured an expert speaker from the transportation sector in Germany.

Modernizing Freight Rail Regulation—The 2015 Transportation Research Board Recommendation to Congress

Ken Boyer, Professor of Economics, Michigan State University
Presentation slides

Location-Based Social Network (LBSN) Data: Emerging Big Data Sources for Travel Demand and Activity Modeling

Jing (Peter) Jin, Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Rutgers, The State College of New Jersey
Presentation slides

An Integrated Urban Model of Transportation, Land-Use, Energy, and Environment

Abolfazl Mohammadian, Professor of Civil & Materials Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago
Presentation slides

Beyond Transport Time: modeling time use, understanding time values

Sergio Jara-Diaz, Profesor Titular en Economía del Transporte (Professor of Transport Economics), Universidad de Chile
Presentation slides

The End of Traffic; the Future of Transport; the Role of Cycling

Kevin J. Krizek, Director, Environmental Design Program, University of Colorado, Boulder
Presentation slides

The Future of Transportation in Illinois

Randall Blankenhorn, Secretary of Transportation, Illinois Department of Transportation

Semiparametric Estimates of the Willingness to Pay for Autonomous Electric Vehicles

Ricardo A. Daziano, David Croll Fellow Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University

The Business Case for Higher Speed Freight Trains

David Burns, Railroad Industrial Engineering Consultant
Presentation slides

How to Fundraise for Operational Expenditures in International Humanitarian Aid

Maria Besiou, Associate Professor of Humanitarian Logistics, Kühne Logistics University
Presentation slides

The Neglected Impact of Measurement Error on Disaggregate Transportation Demand Models

David Brownstone, Professor of Economics, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Irvine
Presentation slides

Estimation of Airline Itinerary Choice Models Using Disaggregate Ticket Data

Laurie Garrow, Associate Professor of Transportation Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Presentation slides

The Digitally Connected Commuter: Is Growing Reliance on Personal Electronic Devices Increasing the Demand for Public Transit?

Joseph P. Schwieterman, Director, Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development, DePaul University
Presentation slides


Connected Cars - Lifestyle Delivery

Sania Irwin, Head of Systems & Applications, Chief Technology Office, Nokia
Presentation slides

Green Urban Freight Strategies in the New Mobility Era

Jie (Jane) Lin, Associate Professor, Civil & Materials Engineering; Research Associate Professor, Institute for Environmental Science & Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago
Presentation slides

Uncertainty in Hazardous Materials Transportation

Changhyun Kwon, Assistant Professor, industrial & Systems Engineering, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Presentation slides

Place Perception, Attractiveness, Meaning and Relationship to Activity and Travel: Three Case Studies of Different Scales from Santa Barbara, CA

Konstandinos G. Goulias, Professor of Transportation, Geography Department, University of California, Santa Barbara

The Impact of Activities While Traveling on the Subjective Valuation of Travel Time

Patricia Lyon Mokhtarian, Professor, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Presentation slides

Modeling Driver Behavior in a Connected Environment: Integration of Microscopic Traffic Simulation and Telecommunication Systems

Alireza Talebpour, PhD Candidate, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University
Presentation slides

Tactical Network Planning for Food Aid Distribution in Kenya

Marie-Ève Rancourt, Assistant Professor of Management & Technology, Université du Québec
Presentation slides

Potholes or Tolls? Perspectives on Transportation Finance

Joseph L. Schofer, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Associate Dean, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, Northwestern University
Presentation slides

Microscopic Simulation and Safety Analysis of Roundabouts

Nezamuddin, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Valparaiso University
Presentation slides

An Efficient Data-driven Approach to Static and Dynamic Ambulance Location for Emergency Medical Services

Lavanya Marla, Assistant Professor, Industrial & Enterprise Systems, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Presentation slides

Developing an Integrated Transportation Infrastructure Decision Support Platform: Focusing on Big and Open Data Visualization

Meead Saberi, Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Monash University
Presentation slides

Flexible Transit for Low-Density Communities

Charlotte Frei, Ph.D. Candidate, Transportation Systems Analysis & Planning, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University
Presentation slides

What Can Choice Modelling Learn from Behavioral Economics and Does it Matter

Stephane Hess, Professor of Choice Modelling, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
Presentation slides

Advances in Data Collection and Analysis to Enhance Road Safety

Linda Ng Boyle, Chair, Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering; Professor of Civil & Environment Engineering and Industrial Systems Engineering, University of Washington

Building Metra for the Future: A Career Information Session

Bruce M. Marcheschi, Chief Engineering Officer, Metra

Jim Derwinski, Chief Mechanical Officer, Metra

Brenda Smith, Chief Human Resources Officer, Metra

American Railroads: Decline & Renaissance in the Twentieth Century

Robert E. Gallamore, Principal, The Gallamore Group

Making Sense of the Future Market for Electrified Powertrains in the United States with Vehicle Choice Models

Jacob W. Ward, Program Manager, Vehicle Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy

Thomas S. Stephens, Principal Transportation Systems Analyst, Argonne National Laboratory

Paying for Access but Getting Immobility: Rethinking Finance and Governance Models for 21st Century Urban Transportation

Elliott Sclar, Professor of Urban Planning and Director, Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Earth Institute, Columbia University


Analysis of Highway-Safety Data: Current and Future Methodological Challenges

Fred Mannering, Charles Pankow Professor of Civil Engineering, Purdue University

Life-Cycle Analysis of Transportation Fuels and Vehicle Technologies

Michael Wang, Systems Assessment Group, Energy Systems Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Vehicle Routing Problems: Applications in Service and Entertainment Environments

Grisselle Centeno, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, University of South Florida

The O'Hare Modernization and Chicago Airspace Project

Christina Drouet, Manager, Chicago Area Modernization Program Office, Federal Aviation Administration

The Science of Sleep: Aviation Rest and Fatigue Regulations for Pilots - a Panel Discussion

Noam Alon, Director, Network Operations Center, United Airlines
Dr. Kathryn Reid, Research Associate, Department of Neurology, Feinberg School of Medicine; Associate Director, Circadian Rhythms & Sleep Research Program, Northwestern University

Distributed Coordinated in-Vehicle Online Routing Using Mixed-Strategy Congestion Game

Lili Du, Assistant Professor, Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering, Armour College of Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology

Envisioning Autonomous Vehicle Pathways through the Lens of Air Transportation Planning

Megan S. Ryerson, Assistant Professor, City & Regional Planning, Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

Symposium on the Work of Leon Moses


Harvesting Complexity to Build Smarter Cities

Sybil Derrible, Assistant Professor, Civil and Materials Engineering; Director, Complex and Sustainable Urban Networks Lab, University of Illinois at Chicago

Overview of Power Grid Research at Argonne National Laboratory

Jianhui Wang, Energy Systems Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory

Transit Service Reliability, Hidden Waiting Time, and Optimal Holding Control

Peter Furth, Ph.D., Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University

High-speed Railroad Pasenger Services: Ridership Projections for the USA's Northeast Corridor

David Boyce, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University

Adaptive Routing in Stochastic Time-Dependent Networks with Real-Time Information

Dr. Song Gao, Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Enhanced Econometric Model Structures: Application to Travel Behavior and Transportation Modeling

Naveen Eluru, McGill University

Transforming Transportation for Tomorrow

Ann L. Schneider, Secretary, Illinois Department of Transportation

Modeling Individual Choices for Sustainable Mobility: Understanding the Role of the Environment

Elisabetta Cherchi, Technique University of Denmark

Modeling Heterogeneous Decision Processes and Joing Decision-Making in Travel Demand Models

Amanda Stathopoulos, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne


Road Safety Analyses using Data from Naturalistic Driving Studies: Challenges and Opportunities

Paul P. Jovanis, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Pennsylvania State University

Electric Vehicle Recharging: Decision Support Tools for Drivers and Infrastructure Providers

Tim Sweda, PhD Candidate, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Northwestern University

Minimizing Greenhouse Emissions in Vehicle Routing

Gilbert Laporte, Professor - Department of Management Sciences, HEC Montreal

Integrated Planning of Bin allocation and Vehicle Routing in Solid Waste Collection

Vera Hemmelmayr, Assistant Professor - Institute of Transport and Logistics Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Flight Delays, Capacity Investment and Welfare under Air Transport Supply-Demand Equilibrium

Bo Zou, Assistant Professor in Department of Civil and Materials Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Cost Recovery from Congestion Tolls with Long-run Uncertainty

Robin Lindsey, CN Chair in Transportation and International Logistics; Professor, Operations and Logistics Division - Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

Understanding the Evolving Transportation Market and the Changing Role of 3PL's

Bill Driegert, Chief Innovation Officer - Coyote Logistics, Inc.

Coordination and Optimization of UrbanMobility in Smart Cities

Nikolaos Geroliminis, Assistant Professor, Urban Transport Systems Laboratory - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

Pareto Improvements from Lexus Lanes: The Case for Pricing a Portion of the Lanes on Heavily Congested Highways

Dr. Jonathan D. Hall, Don Searle Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Economics - Transportation Center, Northwestern University

Transportation Trends and Investment Implications

Christopher J. Ceraso, Director & Senior Equity Research Analyst, Credit Suisse, New York

Transportation Information Session: Institute of Transportation Engineers - Illinois Chapter

Joel Christell, ITE-IL Section President
Joshua Harris, ITE-IL Student Affairs Director

Traffic Monitoring with Smartphones

Professor Daniel B. Work, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Research Assistant Professor, Coordinated Science Lab, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Disaster Management Based on Multi Agent Transportation Simulation

Seungjae Lee, Department of Transportation Engineering - Seoul
Shinhae Lee, Research Fellow - Seoul Institute

The Role of the Built Environment in Reducing Drivingand Promoting Active Travel

Professor Susan Handy, Chair, Department of Environmental Science & Policy; Director, Sustainable Transportation Center - University of California, Davis

Bringing the Boeing 787 into Operational & Commercial Service in LATAM Airlines

Justin D. Siegel, Vice President, Fleet Projects - LATAM Airlines Group, S.A.

State of Good Repair and Beyond: Analyzing Metra's 2013 Strategic Plan

Alexander Clifford, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, METRA - Metropolitan Rail Corporation
Don Orseno, Metra Chief Operations Officer
Joe Lorenzini, Metra Chief Engineering Officer

A Data-Driven Paradigm for Arterial Traffic Flow Monitoring, Modeling, and Control

Dr. Henry Liu, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota

The Great Railroad Revolution: The History of Trains in America

Christian Wolmar, Noted British Transport journalist


A Data-Driven Paradigm for Arterial Traffic Flow Monitoring, Modeling, and Control

Dr. Henry Liu, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota

The Great Railroad Revolution: The History of Trains in America

Christian Wolmar, Noted British Transport journalist

Between GPS-based self-tracking and the diary: What is next for travel behavior studies?

Kay W. Axhausen, Professor, Institute for Transport Planning & Systems (IVT), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzererland

The Panama Canal as Precursor

Aaron J. Gellman, Professor of Transportation, The Transportation Center, Adjunct Professor, Management & Strategy, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

The Competitive Effect of Multi-Market Contact

Guy Arie, PhD in Management & Strategy, Kellogg School of Management;, 2011-12 Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow, Northwestern University

Transportation Deregulation and Safety: A Retrospective and Reflection after 25 Years

Multiple Speakers

Leveraging the Mobile Cloud for Travel Demand

Joan Walker, Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering and, Center for Global Metropolitan Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Urban Travel Forecasting: a 50 Year Retrospective

David Boyce, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University

A Priority System for Multi-Modal Traffic Signal Control

Larry Head, Associate Professor & Department Head, Systems & Industrial Engineering, University of Arizona

Safety Without Borders: Raising the Bar on Traffic Safety Across the Globe Through Data, Research, and Collaboration?

David L. Strickland, Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Designing NextGen Advanced Runway Operations to Exploit the Uncertainty of Meteorological Conditions

Laurence Audenaerd, Senior Engineer, Center for Advanced Aviation System Development, The MITRE Corporation, Northwestern CEE PhD

Traffic congestion in networks, and alleviating it with public transportation and pricing

Carlos F. Daganzo, Robert Horonjeff Professor of Civil Engineering, University of California at Berkeley

Changing the Face of Logistics

Mike Mullen, Vice Chairman, CenterPoint Properties

Vulnerability and Adaptation Options of European Transport Systems Towards Weather Extremes

Dr. Claus Doll, Freunhofer-Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI

A Trade-Space Analysis of Surface Alternatives for Short-Haul Passenger Air Travel

Laurence Audenaerd, Senior Engineer, Center for Advanced Aviation System Development, The MITRE Corporation, Northwestern CEE PhD

Proactive Transmission Planning in Electricity Networks

Enzo E. Sauma, Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago, Chile

Effectiveness and Equity of Future Transportation Financing Options

Zhang Lei, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland

NY Commuter Railroad's Response to Hurricane Irene

Howard Permut, President of Metro-North Railroad (MTA) in New York

Ranking of Information in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Ouri Wolfson, Professor of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Towards a 21st Century Postal Service

John C. Panzar, Louis W. Menk Professor, Emeritus, Department of Economics, Northwestern University

Safety Technology, Fuel Economy, and Individual Mobility

David L. Strickland, Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) U.S. DOT

Anticipating Disaster: Planning for Emergency Logistics Needs

Mark Turnquist, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Cornell University

Recent Railroad Research at Northwestern

Ian Savage, Professor of Economics, on pedestrian safety research
David Kosnik, Research Engineer, ITI, on bridge stress testing


A Framework for Sustainable and Strategic Decision Making Using Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (EIO-LCA), Including Applications to the Transit Bus Fleeting Problem

Elaine Croft McKenzie, PhD Candidate, TC Dissertation Year Fellow, Northwestern University

A Strategic Model of Assignment on a Transportation Network With Rigid Capacities

Patrice Marcotte, Professor and Acting Director, Computer Science and Operations Research Department, University of Montreal

Capacity Investment & Pricing Decisions in Highway Public-Private Partnerships

Zitao (Arthur) Zhang, PhD Candidate, Transportation System Analysis and Planning Program, McCormick School of Engineering;, Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow, Northwestern University

Driver Assist Technology: Deploying Bus Rapid Transit along a Narrow Lane or Road Shoulder

Max Donath, Director, Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota

A Simulation-based Optimization Framework for Urban Traffic Control

Carolina Osorio, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, MIT

Modeling Heterogeneous Risk - Taking Behavior in Route Choice: A Stochastic Dominance Approach

Xing Wu, PhD Candidate, Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow, Northwestern University

What Services Should You Operate in a Bus Corridor? and What can We Achieve in Time Savings, Reliability and Comfort if Properly Controlled?

Juan Carlos Muñoz Abogabir, Visiting Professor at MIT, Associate Professor, Department of Transport Engineering & Logistics, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (PUC)

Transition Strategies for Alternative Transportation Fuels and Vehicles

Jeroen Struben, Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

Sensitivity of Path Travel Time to Path Flow

Hamed Babai, PhD Candidate, Transportation Engineering, Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow, Northwestern University

Agent-Based Modeling for Integrated Transportation - Land Use Policy Analysis

Eric J. Miller, Director, Cities Centre, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto

Consumer Choice Between Gasoline and Sugarcane Ethanol

Alberto Salvo, Assistant Professor, Management and Strategy, Kellogg School of Management

The Right to Travel: Intersection with the Right to Privacy and a Personal Liberty

Richard Sobel, Visiting Scholar, Buffett Center for International and Comparative Studies
Ramón L. Torres, PhD Candidate, Transportation Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science

Optimal Design and Pricing of Public Transport (still crazy after all these years)

Sergio Jara-Diaz, Department of Civil Engineering, Universidad de Chile

Differential Games on Networks: Dynamic Traffic Assignment and Other Applications

Professor Terry Friesz, Harold and Inge Marcus Chaired Professor of Industrial Engineering, Penn State University

Pricing Risks in Delivery and Management of Transportation Assets

Ivan Damnjanovic, Assistant Professor, Construction Engineering and Management Group, Zachry Department of Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University

A Joint Tour-Based Discrete-Continuous Model of Vehicle Type Choice and Tour Length

Ram M. Pendyala, Professor, Transportation Systems School of Sustainable Engineering, Arizona State University

Location, Vehicle Miles of Travel, and the Environment: A Chicago Case Study

Marshall Lindsey, Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow, PhD Candidate, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Application of Cellular Probe Data in Transportation Planning, Operations and Management

Professor Bin Ran, Professor, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Energy Policies for Passenger Motor Vehicles

Kenneth A. Small, University of California, Irvine and Resources for the Future

Resilience in Freight Transportation Networks

Elise Miller-Hooks, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland


Some Unintended Impacts of Green Logistics Policies in Urban Areas

Samer Madanat, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley

A Political Economy Model of Road Pricing: Why Road Pricing is Not Implemented

Bruno De Borger, Professor of Economics, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Plans and Actions in a Model of Choice

Moshe Ben-Akiva, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT

Transportation, Environment, and Energy Systems from Transportation Emissions Control to Public Health - Are We Doing the Right Thing, and Doing it Right?

H. Oliver Gao, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University

Optimal Path Finding for Direction, Location and Time Dependent Costs, with Application to Vessel Routing

Irina Dolinskaya, Assistant Professor, IEMS, Northwestern University

Strategic Design of a Relay Network for Truckload Transportation

Halit Üster, Visiting Eshbach Scholar, Northwestern University;, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

City Logistics

Teodor Gabriel Crainic, University of Quebec at Montreal and Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT)

Equilibrium and Efficiency of Traffic Flows in Networks (Beckmann-McGuire-Winsten Revisited)

Prof. Martin Beckmann, Professor Emeritus of Economics,, Brown University;, Prof. Emeritus of Applied Mathematics, Technical University of Munich

The Fall and Rise of the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge

David Levinson, University of Minnesota

How Optimal Is Optimal? Revealing the Realities of Implementing Transportation Solutions – A Discussion with Illinois State Senator Jeff Schoenberg

Jeff Schoenberg, Illinois State Senator, 9th Legislative District

If Telecommunication is Such A Good Substitute For Travel, Why Does Congestion Continue To Get Worse?

Patricia Lyon Mokhtarian, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chair, Transportation Technology and Policy Graduate Program, University of California, Davis

The Design, Performance, and Implications of Algorithm B: A Fast and Frugal Wardrop Equilibrium Solver

Robert Dial, Professor Emeritus,, University of Texas at Austin

Managing Customers Through Economic Cycles

John McKean, Executive Director, Center for Information-Based Competition

Wrestling with How to Measure Bicycling's Benefits

Kevin J. Krizek, University of Colorado, Denver, (McCormick Alum '93)

Chicago to St. Louis – in an Hour and 52 Minutes

Richard Harnish, Executive Director, Midwest High Speed Rail Coalition

Freight Data Availability, Gaps and Inaccuracies

Amelia Regan, Professor of Computer Science, Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences, University of California, Irvine

Economic Incentives for New Vehicle Purchases to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (“Feebates”): An Analysis of Policy Options for California

David Bunch, Professor of Management, University of California: Davis


Some Successful Applications of DTA (Dynamic Traffic Assignment)

Michael Florian, President, INRO Consultants, Inc.;, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science & Operations Research, The Center for Research on Transportation, University of Montreal

Competition in the U.S. Freight Railroad Industry: Prices, Costs, Productivity & Capacity Constraints

Joseph Swanson, President, Jos. Swanson & Co.;, Clinical Professor of Finance, Kellogg School of Management
John Hudson, Professor & Director, Geography Program, Associate Director, Environmental Sciences programs, Northwestern University

The National Transportation Policy Project and Other Efforts to Reform Surface Transportation Program Structure and Financing during 2009/2010

Dr. Nancy Kete, Director of the World Resources Institute's Center for Sustainable Transport (EMBARQ)

Do We Have the Future We Wanted Back in the Early 20th Century and Can We Invent the Future We Need by the Mid 21st?

Dr. Nancy Kete, Director of the World Resources Institute's Center for Sustainable Transport (EMBARQ)

Revitalizing Mass Transit in the Motorized Metropolis- Case Studies of Mexico City and Istanbul

Dr. Nancy Kete, Director of the World Resources Institute's Center for Sustainable Transport (EMBARQ)

Inventory Routing Problems

M. Grazia Speranza, University of Brescia

The Simulation of Emergency Evacuations in the Chicago Business District Using TRANSIMS

Hubert Ley, Traffic Simulation Project Leader, Argonne National Laboratory, Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center (TRACC)

Induced Demand and Rebound Effects in Road Transport

Kenneth Small, Professor at UC Irvine

Towards Long Lasting Pavements

Imad L. Al-Qadi, Founder Professor of Engineering;, Director of the Advanced Transportation, Research and Engineering Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Containment vs Coverage: Flexible Network Design in the Presence of Random Disruptions

Michael Lim, NU Ph.D. Candidate

The Future of Chinese Railways

David Burns, Railroad Industrial Engineering Consultant

Traffic Assignment by Paired Alternative Segments (TAPAS)

Dr. Hillel Bar-Gera, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Ben-Gurion University;, Department of Civil Engineering, Purdue University (visiting scholar)

A New Trip-Based Framework for Travel Demand Forecasting Consistent with Tours with Stop Interaction

Vince Bernardin, Jr., Ph.D. Candidate, Transportation Engineering, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University

Mobile Millennium: Using Smartphones to Monitor Traffic In Privacy Preserving Environments

Alexandre Bayen, Asst. Prof. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Modeling Driver Behavior as a Stochastic Hazard-Based Risk-Taking Process

Samer Hamdar, Ph.D. Candidate, Transportation Engineering, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University

New Databases for Technical and Business Experts: How to Datamine News and Blogs for Your Company and Client

Clarke Caywood, Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications; Director of the Graduate Program in Public Relations The Medill Graduate School Northwestern University

Metaheuristic Approaches for Solving the Fixed-Charge Capacitated Multi-commodity Network Design Problem

Michel Gendreau, Department of Computer Science and Operations Research & Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks,, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT), Université de Montréal; Département de mathématiques et génie industriel, École Polytechnique de Montréal


A Queuing Model of Activity Scheduling Behavior

Roger Chen, Post Doctoral Fellow, The Transportation Center, Northwestern University

Sequential Resource Allocation for Nonprofit Operations

Robert Lien, PhD Candidate, Department of Industrial Eng. & Management Sci., Northwestern University; Transportation Center 2008 Dissertation Year Fellow

Normalization and Disaggregation of Network-GEV Models

Jeffrey Newman, PhD Candidate, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University;, Transportation Center 2008 Dissertation Year Fellow

Retail Assortment Optimization

Marshall Fisher, Operations & Information Management Dept., Wharton School University of Pennsylvania

The Price of Anarchy in Transportation Networks

Michael Gastner, Sante Fe Institute

Collaborative Decision Making in Air Traffic Flow Management

Michael Ball, Orkand Corporation Professor of Management Science, Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland; Visiting Professor, Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California at Berkeley

Advanced Modeling in London: Issues and Opportunities

Eric Petersen, Associate, Cambridge Systematics

Emerging Technologies and Mass Transit Planning: Moving Bits to MovePeople

Michael J. Shiffer, Clinical Associate Professor,, University of Illinois, Chicago

Addressing Spatial Autocorrelation in Transportation & Lank Use Data: Opportunities for Behavioral Forecasting

Dr. Kara Kockelman, Assoiate Prof. - Civil, Architectural & Environmental Eng & William J. Murray Jr. Fellow, University of Texas at Austin

Forgiving Highways

Michael G. Dreznes, International Road Federation, Deputy Director General-Washington Program Center

Chicago Transit Authority: Agency on the Move

Ron Huberman, President, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)

A Probit-based Time-Dependent Stochastic User Equilibrium Traffic Assignment Model

Kuilin Zhang, PhD Candidate, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University

CMAP's Research and Analysis Work Program

Kermit Wies, Deputy Executive Director for Research and Analysis, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)

Integrating Land Use and Activity-based Transport Modeling: a Framework and Application to San Francisco

Paul Waddell, Professor, Department of Urban Design & Planning, Director, Center for Urban Simulation & Policy Analysis, University of Washington

Comparing Congestion Pricing Schemes: Cordon-based Pricing, Area-based Pricing and Parking Deposit System

Takuya Maruyama, Postdoctoral Fellow for Research Abroad, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Visiting Scholar, University of Texas, Austin


Experiences as Advisor to the Iraqi Republic Railways

Mark Hemphill, Senior Rail Project Manager, HDR Engineers

Zonal Pricing in the Italian Electricity Market

Viswanath Pingali, PhD Candidate, Department of Economics, Northwestern University; Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow

Evaluating the Impacts of Aviation on Climate Change

Don Wuebbles, Department Head and Professor, Department of Atmosphere Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Modeling Vehicular Traffic Flow as 'Conservation' Laws

H. Michael Zhang, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California at Davis

Behavior-Consistent Information-Based Route Guidance: Integrating Network Interactions and Traveler Response

Srinivas Peeta, Professor of Civil Engineering; Director, NEXTRANS Center, Purdue University

Transportation Policy and Politics

Linda Morgan, Partner & Chair, Transportation Practice Group, Covington & Burling LLP, Washington, DC.; Former Chair of the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Surface Transportation Board.

The Politics of Chicago Transit Finance

Julie Hamos, Illinois State Representative, 18th District Chair, House Mass Transit Committee

Logistic Network Design For Closed-Loop Supply Chains

Kristin Sahyouni, PhD Candidate, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow, McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science, Northwestern University

Real-Time Transportation Network Decision-Making: Pricing, Auctions, and Learning Dynamics

Hani S. Mahmassani, Charles Irish Sr. Chair in Civil & Environmental Engineering; Director, Maryland Transportation Initiative, U. of Maryland

Supply Chain Design to Mitigate Disruption Impacts

Mark Daskin, Bette and Neison Harris Professor of Teaching Excellence, Department of Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences, McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University

Analysis of Dispatch Policies for a Dynamic Multi-Period Routing Problem

Martin Savelsbergh, Professor, School of Industrial and Engineering Systems & Research Director, The Logistics Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology

Operational Flexibility in Drayage Vehicle Routing

Guangming Zhang, PhD Candidate, Department of Industrial Engineering & Management Science, Northwestern University & Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow

Transport Infrastructure Investment and Its Effects on Employment: Theoretical Linkages, Estimation Issues, and Recent Evidence

Piyapong (Joey) Jiwattanakulpaisarn, PhD student, Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London

Modeling Consumers’ Choice of Multiple Items Simultaneously: A Methodological Approach with Application to Household Vehicle Holdings and Use

Chandra Bhat, (NU CEPhD ’91), Adnan Abou-Ayyash Centennial Professor of Transportation Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

Dynamic Performance Models for Transportation Infrastructure Management

James Chu, PhD Candidate, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University & Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow

Expanding the Panama Canal

Aaron J. Gellman, Professor of Transportation, The Transportation Center; Professor of Management & Strategy, Kellogg School of Management and of Industrial Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University

The Arrow....seen before': Indiana's Public-Private Transportation Initiative

Joseph A. Gustin, Deputy Commissioner, Public-Private Partnerships Indiana Department of Transportation

Information-Rich Vehicular Safety System

Kenneth P. Laberteaux, Principal Research Engineer for the Toyota Technical Center

Construction and Management Practices on the Boston Central Artery (Big Dig) Project

Chris Hendrickson, Duquesne Light Company Professor of Engineering;, Co-Director of the Green Design Institute and, Director, Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education & Research, Carnegie Mellon University

Reregulation: The Struggle for Prosperity

Mike Blaszak, Chicago Attorney:, Senior Counsel, Earth Tech Inc.


Model Reference Adaptive Control for Real Time Traffic Management under Emergency Evaculation

Henry Liu, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University Of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Transferability of Household Travel Data Across Geographic Areas Using NHTS 2001

Jie Lin, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Materials Engineering, Institute for Environmental Science and Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago

Occupational Labor Demand and the Sources of Nonneutral Technical Change

Daniel Rich, Professor of Economics, Illinois State University

A Shadow Critical Project Appraisal: The Airbus A380 Program

Aaron J. Gellman, Professor of Transportation, The Transportation Center; Professor of Management & Strategy, Kellogg School of Management and of Industrial Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University

A Stochastic Optimization Model for Highway Project Selection and Programming Under Budget Uncertainty

Zongzhi Li, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil & Architectural Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology

Deconstructing Freeway Traffic Congestion

Ben Coifman, Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Geodetic Science and Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University

A Variational Approach for Inferring Dynamic Origin- Destination Trip Demands

Yu (Marco) Nie, PhD Candidate in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis

The Automotive Industry and the Dynamics of Consumer Demand: The Case of Automobile Leasing

Fred Mannering, Professor, School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University

Value of Service Choice in Period Vehicle Routing Problems

Peter Francis, PhD Candidate,Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, Northwestern University

Transportation Modeling - The Perspective of the Software Developer

Wolfgang Scherr, Principal, PTV America

Cyclic Railway Timetabling: a Stochastic Optimization Approach

Rommert Dekker, Faculty of Economics, Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Optimization Approaches to Gang Scheduling at BNSF

Michael Gorman, School of Business Administration, University of Dayton

System-level Stability and Optimality of Decentralized Supply Chains

Yanfeng Ouyang, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

A Shipper-carrier Dynamic Freight Assignment Model Using a Variational Inequality Approach

Bhuwan Agrawal, PhD Candidate, Civil & Environmental Engineering,, 2005 Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow


Physical Security and Vulnerability Modeling for Infrastructure Facilities

Mark A. Turnquist, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Cornell University

Airlines Economics

George Winston, Senior Fellow, Economics Studies, The Brookings Institute

Airline Industry Status Update

George Hamlin, Director, MergeGlobal, Inc. (MGI)

Transportation and Petroleum: What's the Problem?

David Greene, Corporate Fellow, Engineering, Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Michael Florian, Centre de Recherche sur les Transports, University de Montreal

Improvements in the efficiency of simulation-based estimation processes

Stephane Hess, Doctoral Researcher, Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College, London

Optimizing the Design of Railway Tank Cars to Minimize Accident-Caused Releases

Christopher Barkan, Director, Railroad Engineering Program, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Does Britain or the United States Have the Right Gasoline Tax?

Kenneth Small, Transportation Center Visiting Patterson Professor, Professor of Economics, University of California, Irvine

Risk Assessments, Transportation Vehicles, and Accidents

Deborah Bruce, Director, Safety Studies Division, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

Welfare Reform and Transportation

Evelyn Blumenberg, Assistant Professor, UCLA School of Public Policy and Social Research, Department of Urban Planning

Effective Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction, and Increase Ridership in Public Transportation

Darwin Stuart, Recently Retired Director, Strategic Planning, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and NU Alum (MST'66)

The Relative Risk of Flying and Driving after September 11: The Contribution of Bounded Rationality

Michael Sivak, Head, Human Factors Division, University of Michigan, Transportation Research Institute

Transshipments in Supply Chain Management

Michal Tzur, Visiting Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Northwestern University

Information Decisions, and Productivity : On Board Computers and Capacity Utilization in Trucking

Thomas N. Hubbard, Associate Professor of Economics & Strategy, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

Urban Travel Forecasting: Revolution or Evolution?

David Boyce, Adjunct Professor of Civil Engineering, Northwestern University

Issues in Transportation: Regional Politics, Funding Conflicts and Shifting Coalitions

Eric Petersen, Associate, PBConsult, (NU MST '98;NU PhD Candidate, Sociology)

Job Accessibility of Low-Income Workers: Needs Assessment, Trends and Evaluation

Piyushimita Thakuriah (Vonu), Associate Professor, Urban Planning & Policy; Associate Director, Urban Transportation Center, University of Illinois at Chicago

Automobile Ownership Modeling and its Importance in Travel Behavior

Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian, Civil & Materials Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago

Truck Drivers and Ballerinas: the Baumol Hypothesis and Trucking Productivity 1977-1997

Kenneth D. Boyer, Economics Department, Michigan State University

Driving by Choice or Necessity

Susan Handy, Associate Professor,, Environmental Science & Policy,, University of California at Davis

Economic Issues in Designing Alternatives to State Motor Fuel Taxes

Tony M. Rufolo, Professor of Urban Studies & Planning, Portland State University

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