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Northwestern University

Spring 2014 Workshop

Industry Technical Workshop

Autonomous Vehicle Technologies for Passenger and Freight Mobility

June 10, 2014

On June 10th the Northwestern University Transportation Center and the Center for the Commercialization of Innovative Transportation Technology presented Autonomous Vehicle Technologies for Passenger and Freight Mobility. This industry technical workshop, which was co-chaired by Dr. Hani Mahmassani and Mr. Breton Johnson, brought together speakers from the automobile industry, trucking industry, and technology community to discuss technology readiness, innovations on the horizon, target markets, and insights into near and long term rollout of autonomous vehicle and mobility enhancing technologies. It discussed the convergence and integration of software, hardware, communications, sensing, and positioning technologies, all of which are moving the possibility of autonomously-driven road vehicles beyond science fiction and closer to reality.


Fabián Bustamante
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Northwestern University

Hani Mahmassani
William A. Patterson Distinguished Professor in Transportation, Northwestern University; Director, Northwestern University Transportation Center
Autonomous Vehicles, Connected Systems and Market Adoption

Brian Droessler
Vice President, Software and Connected Solutions, Continental Automotive Systems, NAFTA
The Path to Highly Automated Driving - An Evolutionary Development

Roger Berg
Vice President, North America Research and Development, Denso International America, Inc.
Improving Safety Through Connected Vehicle Technology

Ogi Redzic
Vice President, Connected Driving, HERE (A Nokia Company)
The Evolution from Contextually Aware Cars to Automated Driving Vehicles

Leo Danielides
Project Management Officer, Navistar
Connected Vehicles for Commercial Transportation: An Evolving Story

Josh Switkes
Founder and CEO, Peloton Technology, Inc.
Preventing Accidents and Saving Fuel by Connecting Trucks

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